The Republic of Titan's Grip

The Republic of Titan’s Grip

Reactions to Certain Professions

Alchemist: The Alchemist is primarily an institution of Westcrystal, and they are often viewed with an air of mistrust. Many have set up shop, and the variety of materials available for trade has allowed them to thrive in Titan’s Grip.

Barbarian: Barbarians are not seen often in the city proper. Some hire themselves out as sellswords in the satellite cities, primarily Eastguard.

Cavalier: One of the highest honors to be bestowed in the Titan’s Grip military, Cavaliers are always treated with respect and reverance. This adulation often spills off onto various Knigts Errant that may hail from other parts of the continent.

Druid: Druids are pretty much concentrated in the Elven District, and there are only a few who take up that calling during the period of Mandatory Service to the nation. There are a few druid covens in the deep forests outside Eastguard.

Gunslinger: The invention of firearms is something that Westcrystal has tried desperately to keep as internal as possible, but there have been more than one wandering strangers making their way into the city walls. The amount of Gunslingers in the active military can be counted on one’s fingers, but soon you’ll need your toes too.

Inquisitor: The unsavory reputation of Inquisitors from L’Orange and their pursuit of witches certainly proceeds these people. Most local guard keep a close eye on anyone they believe to be inquisitors, though they are free to enjoy the city as much as any other adventuring profession.

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