The Icons of Gul'Draza

The Icons of Gul’Draza

Majestic kings, ruthless barbarians, and fearsom dragons make up the Icons of this world. Ultimately, adventurers are put on their paths on the whims and desires of these icons, and through their careful balance of power the world continues to spin on.

Icons of Titan’s Grip

Ewrin Osric, The Impulse of Titan (EMPEROR)

For three generations, the discovery of the Titan of Zafir has changed the scope of the struggle between L’Orange and Westcrystal, as well as the landscape. It is almost unreal how Titan’s Grip was founded and has maintained their neutrality over the course of the struggle over the ruling countries of Zafir. Ewrin has a large reputation to follow, as his father Vyrin led the people of Titan’s Grip into a new era of self-sufficency by negotiating the fertile grasslands east of the city-state from L’Orange. He will continue to ensure that the people of Titan’s Grip are free from war.

Bellune, The Grand Oracle (PRIESTESS)

Bellune is a new arrival to Titan’s Grip, and to Zafir in general. With Osric’s blessing, she has opened up her Grand Cathedral in Titan’s Grip, trying to spread the love of the gods to the people. With her loyal priests and priestesses spreading all over Zafir, she hopes that one day peace will be the norm for the land. People less eager to submit to the will of the gods have discovered that she may have been driven from the lands beyond, perhaps even exiled for spreading the many faiths. Others claim that there is some sort of connection between her and the Baron of Devils, but these rumors are unfounded.

A-Lmy, The Creator of the Titan? (GREAT GOLD WYRM)

As the Historitects continue to survey deeper and deeper into the ever shifting ruins under the Titan, little by little, knowlege is starting to surface regarding the creation of this living weapon. The runes say that an all consuming force threatened to claim this world, and that this creature, a winged serpent with scales of shimmering gold, along with a wise ruler and his nation of artists and artisans, worked together to create a barrier to seal the force away. After this nation, almost completely destroyed by this otherworldly force, created a giant monument out of the side of a mountain, then A-Lmy infused his grand magicks into it, sealing the force inside. After this event, there is much less lore regarding the fate of the kingdom, it’s ruler, or the majestic serpent, but many in Titan’s Grip interpret the gift of the serpent as the ultimate service to humanity, with the greatest tribute being the formation of the Gilded Shield, an order dedicated to eradicating the remnants of the otherworld wherever it may stand. Some Historitects claim they have read runes that say A-Lmy claimed these expansive ruins as his home, and eagerly face the perils to continue going deeper, foolishly hoping to meet the beast behind the most powerful weapon known to Zafir.

Icons of Westcrystal

Wulfen Gorehammer, President of Free Nations (DWARF KING)

Many people view dwarves as stalwart, loyal, and trustworthy. It is exactly this image that Wulfen has used to come into power in Westcrystal. He has seized the power of a tyrant, using the electorate system to his own advantage. With backing by the military, he won’t be going out of style anytime soon. And, in his mind, it’s for the good of the people. Pretty much every high quality sword or axe is coming out of a Westcrystal smithy, and with the constant evolution in weapons, he hopes to lead his people to overcome the oppressive Duchy.

Icons of L’Orange

Lamaeneth Dantylew, High Queen of L’Orange (ELF QUEEN)

Lamaeneth is certainly the hardest working noble on Zafir. Born into the mystic elite, she grew to learn the harshness and the cruelty that L’Orange politics were famous for. As her appreciation for the mystic arts grew, so did her ability to play the game in noble’s court. She feigned submissiveness, often being betrothed to many a wealthy noble. As she made sport of the prudish nobles, she also grew into a great talent for magic. The elvish mystics soon began to resent her, and Lamaeneth soon found herself hunted in both courts. She persevered, and not only leads the largest nation in Zafir, but also has become as sort-of mystical soverign to the entire Elf race on Gul-Drazza. The L’Orange nobility definitely views non-elves as second class citizens or worse, and some nobles looking to seize power are quick to point out how her mishandling of the various rebellions in the country had led to the founding of Titan’s Grip, taking control of a weapon that had been dangling right in front of her country’s nose for untold centuries.

Kristoph Glaus, the Baron of Devils (CRUSADER)

The bounty hunters have a popular saying. “If you want to be a king, either be born into it, or bring the head of the Baron to Westcrystal.” Kristoph is a legendary general, the commander of the L’Orange military. He has been leading for just a small amount of time, but his campaigns have been nothing but shining successes. He has a penchant for motivating his troops to succeed at any cost, and over the years, he is widely feared. He has been awarded and venerated so highly that the area he lives in is named after him. He doesn’t spend a lot of time in the Fortress du’ Glausmarsh however, as his campaign is split between pushing farther into Westcrystal, and dealing with the demonspawn that pour out of Mt. Balthazar. There are rumors that his charisma might come from a deal he made with demons, which might explain why he is so adamant about destroying them.

The Icons of Gul'Draza

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