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In the World of Gul-Drazza…

…there is a moderate continent in the Southeast Slardesh Sea, the continent of Zafir. A continent of divisive mountain ranges, deep forests, and teeming rivers. The Mountain Wall divides the continent in two, with rich mineral deposits lying under the earth in the southwestern portion, and precious Ironwood trees covering the northeastern reigon.

This continent is home to two major powers, constantly at odds with one another. The Grand Duchy du L’Orange enjoys control of the Ironwood trade, as well as majority trade interests with the Magocracy of Cannus, an internationally established soverignate dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of the world. If your tastes are more worldly, however, the primarily dwarven nation of Westcrystal has you covered.

These two countries have been in conflict for the better part of a century, with hostilities waxing and wading over time. As of 30 years ago, however, hostilities have been inert. This all came to be after a legendary discovery, one that lead to the founding of a tertiary nation, one that takes control of the mountain wall.

The discovery of the led to the founding of the country of Titan’s Grip, a small country who’s primary source of income is the facilitation of free trade between the two nations. The country-within-a-city’s melting pot of refugees and ex-soldiers from both countries led to a nation of service and freedom, free from the inefficient nobility of L’Orange or the corrupt pseudo-democracy of Westcrystal. The city is a weapon, defended by the ever silent, ever vigilant, ever mysterious Titan of Zafir…

The Icons of Gul’Draza
The movers and shakers of this world.

Nations of Zafir
The Republic of Titan’s Grip
The Grand Duchy du L’Orange
The People’s Democratic Alliance of Westcrystal
The Magocracy of Cannus

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